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Stuffed Avocado

Our Background

We are catering team providing customized CANAPES, TAPAS & DESSERTS that specialize in themed events. We strive for quality & uniqueness.


Our mission is striving to satisfy your unique cravings, and bringing culinary delicacies to a whole new level.


We aim to cater to discerning, innovative individuals and food lovers in general. We provide unconventional canapé and tapas selections. The possibilities are endless, let us know your tastes and preferences and we will strive to meet your demand.


In short, we are the “Purveyors of Pleasure”.

Meet the Team

Ivan Ang.jpg


Having a background in culinary arts,  Ivan has dedicated his life to food service. His life's passion is to serve and he aims to inspire people through food that magically works its way around people's hearts.

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